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Your Flight Has Landed; Welcome To New York!

Hey guys, I wanted to tell you about my trip to New York City and all the places I went, and my purpose for going there! 

New York City has been that one place to me that has always interested me. I decided I wanted to look at schools out there, for Fashion Design and Journalism.

*Disclaimer: This was in the Fall of 2016 – I have been having to transfer all my old posts from my old site to this one! However, I loved this trip and I still long to go back to the city that never sleeps! *

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Frosty morning Flights.

So my mom and I packed up our backpack; yup. you heard me backpacks. Saying we packed light was an understatement, we barely brought anything. I kind of liked it though, not so much to worry about. We got our tickets and we were outta MN faster than you could say Minneapolis!

The schools I checked out were:

  • Pratt Institute of Art– I fell in love with this school, It was all enclosed and the campus was beautiful. It was in Brooklyn, so you weren’t in the city, but still had all the benefits that the city offers just a subway ride away.
  • Parsons School of Design– This school was breathtaking, it was so uniquely designed, I felt so inspired. It was in the center of Midtown, and if you have never been there, it is crazy… all the time. You were directly in the city, so there were some positives and negatives, but mostly positives.

We left on October 15th, it was a friday, we got in NY at 10 am. Went straight to Pratt’s tour and then made our way into the city for Parson’s tour, all-in-all, I fell in love with NYC right away.

After the busy day, my mom and I both crashed, we got some food at the restaurant connected to our hotel, which was the 48LEX, it was amazing! The breakfasts’ were a little boring, but you really did not have to eat there if you did not want too. The rooms were spacious and super modern. The staff was kind and accommodating!

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The second day we got up and got ready for our day in SOHO!!

We went to everywhere! Brandy Melville, Micheal Kors, Chanel, Kate Spade, and Vintage Twin Pop-up shop! We then walked a few blocks to the Tribecca area to go the Black Tap, If you have not heard of this place PLEASE CHECK THEIR INSTAGRAM! It will honestly bless your day, but it will make you super hungry …soo….

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Sweet and Salty Crazy Shake at BlackTap NYC

After we ate we shopped a little bit more than started heading back to the hotel. On our way we stumbled upon Grand Central Terminal which was just breathtaking, something you have to see! We saw street performers outside which was so cool! When we got to the hotel we were officially tired, it was confirmed.

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We walked to get chinese from this little buffet place, then took it back our hotel room. We finished our second day in NYC eating chinese on our bed and watching Modern Family.

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I dreaded this day…. but it was inevitable… sadly.

Our last day in the place I had fallen in love with. We walked to central park and spent most of our day just looking around and seeing places. However, I did get a Chanel bag, I was so happy, I still am shocked! I then got some things at Zara. We made our way to Rockefeller Center, which was so fun! Then it was time to go :(.

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Our Uber was late.. but we got to the airport with plenty of time… we thought…. we almost missed our flight (ughhhhh, so much stress). We got back to MN at about 8:30pm and I had to then return back to reality of a college student; with an essay due the next day.



Hey! My name is Grace and I am just a college student, trying to figure out life one blog post at a time :)

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