Top 10 Products- drugstore: Simply Genevieve

My top 10 Beauty products: DRUGSTORE

Let us all be honest with ourselves, we all like to look bangin’, but sometimes its hard to put out that money for the makeup that swears it’s better than the drugstore products.

I’m here to say that for these 10 product I have found them insanely awesome and you have to give them a try.

Most of the products I am mentioning are not more than $20, which yes is kinda a lot for drugstore, but you will see why I made my budget have such a wide range.

  1. First off let’s start with an amazing applicator. This is such an amazing dupe for the beauty blender! You probably guessed what I was going to say . . . yes! It is the REAL TECHNIQUES: BLENDING SPONGE! Compared to the $20 beauty blender, this dupe is honestly awesome and if you get the value pack with 2, you save quit a bit of moneyyyyy. Also hit up those coupons peopleeeee! Let’s not waste paper 😉 I usually dampen mine or use my rose water spray to dampen it.Makeup Sponge: Simply Genevieve
  2. We all want that natural glow, that subtle glow thats makes you wonder if you are an angel or something. We talking highlighter, to get those cheek bones popping (ah snap!) NYX Highlighter Palette is so bomb ass, like seriously you get 7 highlights for $19! It’s a no brainer, especially when it is highly comparable to prestige brand highlights. Most of them work better for me than the ones that cost more!NYX Highlight: Simply GenevieveNYX GLOW Highlighter: Simply Genevieve
  3. Covergirl Cream Stick Eyeliner. One of the best eyeliners I have ever used hands down! Doesn’t smudge, lasts all day long, and it’s great for tightlining your eyes. I also sometimes do cream winged liner sometimes too!CoverGirl Eyeliner: Simply Genevieve
  4. Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer. Does the job brilliantly, and it so full coverage it can be used even act as foundation or use it as a touch up! It has such an easy and gentle applicator, it can be effortlessly blended in within seconds!
  5. Concealer: Simply Genevieve
  6. Pond’s Face Moisturizer. I suffer so much from dry and flaky skin, especially in the dry winter season in Minnesota. This is moisturizer comes with so much in the container it is so worth the price! Which is only $5! Right!? Awesome. It goes on so smooth, and you can feel the hydration right after the product hits your skin!Pond's Face Lotion: Simply Genevieve
  7. Bore’s Baking Soda Acne Cleanser. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this cleanser, I can not emphasize how amazing this cleanser work. I was having terrible break-outs since coming back home from school, and this cleanser got rid of everything! I Love Love Love it!!!  Biore Acne Cleanser: Simply Genevieve
  8. Formula 10.0.6 Get Your Glow On Mask is about $8 and is so worth it! It makes your face crazyyy glowy! You look refreshed and really brings out your features.Glowy Mask: Simply Genevieve
  9. EOS Mint ChapStick was only about $7, which is kinda crazy for chapstick- but you do get two, which makes it better. This chapstick does not just keep your lips supple and kissable- it naturally plumps them too!
    EOS Peppermint: Simply Genevieve
  10. Rimmel Pressed Powder Is perfect for matting shiny areas, I can not go to work without using this powder. I am a waitress and when I get stuck outside, I don’t want to look shiny when I am greeting a new table. It keeps everything in tact all day and I come home, it is still perfect!Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: Simply Genevieve
  11. NYX Matte Lippies are bomb! It has such strong staying power. However, it does sometimes wear off around the inner lip and you get that weird line! Despite this, they have great colors!Nyx Matte Lipstick: Simply GenevieveI hope you enjoyed this post! If you are going to try any of these or have a favorite drugstore product leave a comment! I would love to hear or to try the product out!



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