The face behind simply Genevieve blog

Get to Know Me: The Women Behind the Blog

You are probably wondering who is this girl? This new blog, Simply Genevieve?

Well, first off let me get all the cats out of the bag, by saying that my name is actually Grace. I know your probably shocked. My middle name is Genevieve and I absolutely love the name, and it is why I decided to use the name for my blog!

Here are some more facts about me, so you can get to know my better and learn more about me!

  1. I am a college Student at UW-Stout, but I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  2. Majoring in Professional Communications and Emerging Media, with an applied focus in Journalism and Fashion. I used to be an Apparel Design Student, with a minor in Journalism-it was a quick and easy choice to switch to
    my new major.
  3. I went to college instead of high school my senior year (PSEO)
  4. I love music
  5. I have a boyfriend, we have been in love for just about 2 years
  6. I am very independent and driven, sometimes too much so
  7. I love love love animals, my dog Sidney is the best
  8. I don’t eat red meat and I barely eat or drink any dairy
  9. I play guitar, piano, and I sing
  10. My favorite flowers are Peonies and Sunflowers
  11. One of my favorite things to look at are tree tops
  12. God is my salvation
  13. I have been working since I turned 15 years old serving/hosting; first job was at a family owned Malt Shop in my hometown
  14. I have one brother, and a whole nation of sisters (DELTA ZETA)
  15. I have struggled with self-esteem and confidence since I was little
  16. I love traveling – seriously, I mean it. (NYC,LA, Alaska are my favs so far)
  17. I love anything rose scented
  18. I can get annoyed super easy, especially if I’m trying to explain something, and it’s just not getting anywhere.
  19. Coffee in an IV, please.
  20. Finally, I always laugh at my own jokes 😀

So there is a little bit about me!




Hey! My name is Grace and I am just a college student, trying to figure out life one blog post at a time :)

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