Eye just want to let you know. . .

Sorry for not posting in a couple weeks! I have been trying to get ready for move in day! Also I got an allergic reaction, you guys will never guess from what…

My Lash Extensions.

It has a tragic couple weeks that involved me getting my lashes filled on Monday and them taken off two days later. I ended up having an allergic reaction to cyan. that is part of a fast drying adhesive chemical family. It surprisingly isn’t that uncommon.

My eyes started swelling up on the whole lash line; the first day it was pretty usual because I had it before a couple times a few weeks ago. It was the next day that pushed me over the edge, I woke up and could barely open my eyes because of the swelling. I immediately went to the doctor that morning and they said to get my lashes off ASAP.

They told me to get rid rid of the Itch was to use some eye drops and take some allergy meds. Once I got my lashes off, the swelling went down right away, but it didn’t completely disappear until 2 days after. I’m completely devastated that I can’t do eye lash extensions anymore. However, I can do strip lashes. I didn’t think it was the lashes at first though because I had them for a year and never had a problem! So, I’m hoping I just need a break and I should be good, I hope. i just wanted to let people know, because I had no idea, and that can be scary!

Here are some picture of my eyes, sorry for the terrible lighting, but you should see the swelled eyes.

LOL the pictures are so funny! 😀 



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