Shirts, Tees and Camis

Does anyone else look at Pinterest at all the cute Brandy Melville tops, or Urban Outfitter clothes? I have a solution that will.. well… probably increase the urge to look for ideas. The key word being ideas, that won’t totally drain my college fund.

DIY Shirts!!

I love this DIY it is definitely one of my favorites. It’s so easy and the results are as cute as the ones you see people buy.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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My Summer Savers

My Summer Savers

I’m here to tell you all about some items that have saved me this summer, all of them are beauty products! I can’t express my love of them enough!
Sooooo let’s get into it!!

1. Smith’s RoseBud Lip Salve

I’m going to tell you all a secret, I should do a post on my vast knowledge of chap sticks; I love them so so much! The idea of super soft lips just makes me want to keep piling on this chap stick! Not to mention that it has such a unique smell and tastes lip Rose (*disclaimer* no, i did not taste test it :D)
I used to get super chapped lips, but now i have a routine every time I wake up or leave the house. Keep On Reading!

Magic in Tiny Little Bottles

I don’t know about you, but I get headaches pretty often, I don’t know why, but I also have a chiropractor basically on speed dial. . . I just turned 18… ya I know crazy.  I hate taking Aspirin or anything for headaches and neck aches because I feel like it is not healthy, so my Essential Oils kit is the perfect replacement!

I’m honestly going to say these have changed my life. I got them last year, and I don’t know what I would do without them. Keep on Reading!

Looking through the Glasses

Looking through the Glasses


I was looking through instagram and I saw kendall Jenner post a pic in stripe pjs and these cute simple thin rimmed glasses.

I immediately fell in love! They are now my new obession 🙂

I do wear glasses and I have contacts, but I decided getting fake glasses would be cheaper than getting ones with my prescription in them.

For years, I felt like wearing glasses just didn’t suit me and I didn’t like them. It could have been me going through my awkward stage in middle school, but now I’m in love with the way they add to an outfit. These style enhancers, bring out different sides of the the same outfit.

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Heart Broken to Happiness

Heart Broken to Happiness


Hey guys!

I decided to write about this topic, to help other people get over a break up, it is a really hard experience to deal with and to get over… yes, you read me right; you can get over that boy/ girl that broke your heart, Trust me, its possible.

*disclaimer: I am not saying this is how it goes for everyone. Every person is different, so every experience can be different. I am just giving you some help to show you that if you are experiencing similar emotions, its totally normal! I am also sharing some personal information about my personal life, so please respect what I have shared. THANK YOU! <3*

I’ll explain what I did to get over my breakup, while giving you tips to help you. We are in this together!

There are stages in every break up, some are interchangable, and some are non-avoidable (sadly). Continue reading “Heart Broken to Happiness”

Your Flight Has Landed; Welcome to New York!

Your Flight Has Landed; Welcome to New York!

Hey guys!

I wanted to tell you about my trip to NYC and all the places I went, and my purpose for going there! New York City has been that one place to me that has always interested me. I decided I wanted to look at schools out there, for Fashion Design and Journalism.

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Frosty morning Flights.

So my mom and I packed up our backpack; yup. you heard me backpacks. Saying we packed light was an understatement, we barely brought anything. I kind of liked it though, not so much to worry about. We got our tickets and we were outta MN faster than you could say Minneapolis!

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