• Boots Style tip #1: Simply Genevieve
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    Let’s Talk about Boots: Style Tip #1

    I have been thinking about what to say about fashion and style. It’s awesome how everyone has their own “style” and it helps them define themselves. Fashion is an art form and I think some people over look that. I decided to do this really cool idea for shoes/boots, I have found it to help me a lot with all the tall boots I store for the long winter season (too long in my opinion).

  • Top 10 Products- drugstore: Simply Genevieve

    My top 10 Beauty products: DRUGSTORE

    Let us all be honest with ourselves, we all like to look bangin’, but sometimes its hard to put out that money for the makeup that swears it’s better than the drugstore products. I’m here to say that for these 10 product I have found them insanely awesome and you have to give them a try. Most of the products I am mentioning are not more than $20, which yes is kinda a lot for drugstore, but you will see why I made my budget have such a wide range. First off let’s start with an amazing applicator. This is such an amazing dupe for the beauty blender! You probably…

  • Vegan Chocolate Cookies
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    Double Chocolate Vegan Cookies

    I hope you are as excited as I am when you saw ‘Cookie’ in the title of this post! I want to bust the stereotype of vegan foods once and for all! These cookies are unlike any other cookie I have had; 1. They are vegan, but 2. The cookies are also so amazingly tasty! They are really similar to brownie cookies, so gooey and soft! I literally love them! Now don’t be that person that has the stereotypical idea that all vegan food is healthy, because that ain’t true! If you are trying to be healthy, you probably shouldn’t be eating cookies (moderation I guess, but I have no…

  • Essential oils are livesavers

    Magic Captured in Tiny Little Bottles

    Welcome back! Today we are talking about health. More Specifically Essential oils. I don’t know about you, but I get headaches pretty often, I don’t know why, but I also have a chiropractor basically on speed dial. . . I am only 19… ya I know crazy. For me personally, I hate taking Aspirin or anything for headaches and neck aches because I feel like it is not healthy, so my Essential Oils kit is the perfect replacement! I’m honestly going to say these have changed my life. I got them last year, and I don’t know what I would do without them. The starter kit I have, which includes: Lavender,…

  • The face behind simply Genevieve blog

    Get to Know Me: The Women Behind the Blog

    You are probably wondering who is this girl? This new blog, Simply Genevieve? Well, first off let me get all the cats out of the bag, by saying that my name is actually Grace. I know your probably shocked. My middle name is Genevieve and I absolutely love the name, and it is why I decided to use the name for my blog! Here are some more facts about me, so you can get to know my better and learn more about me!