Blog Posts : Simply Genevieve


Most of my blog posts will fit in one of these ideas:

  • Thoughts This is where I will really focus on what I am feeling or what works for me- such as essential oils or poetry.
  • Food and Recipes This is where I will share some of my favorite recipes! I am a HUGE foodie and I love love love sharing recipes, it is such a fun thing to do. Most of the recipes will be experimental- such as trying out vegan recipes.
  • Beauty I love makeup and I have learned some tips with working with some makeup artists and hairstylists, I also love skincare- you shall soon know as there will be multiple posts!
  • Fashion Little did you know that I was an Apparel Major when I first started college! I think fashion is such an art form and I love seeing how it has impacted society. It also is so much fun to shop for – thrift shopping is my favorite by the way!
  • Travel I have some places I have been that have given me so much perspective, but being a college student I think traveling is super important. This is where I will document where and what I will do!

I hope you find a place here on my blog! If you have anything you want me to cover let me know in the comments under one of my posts! I would love to hear from you and to research and write something for you!



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