About Me: Simply Genevieve


I’m so happy you stumbled onto my quaint little blog! My name is Grace Genevieve. I am a 19-year-old girl who is passionate about writing! I really wanted a place to write and to be heard, so obviously I started a blog 🙂

I am in college and I really don’t know much about what I am going to do with my life. Which is why I choose “just a girl trying to figure out life” as my tagline because I am! I am in a stage where I have all the power and I can make life how I want, its just figuring out exactly that.

I have worked with many amazing people, I was lucky enough to have two internships while still in high school, and those connections are invaluable to me.

I would work with models on runway shows and photo shoots, styling them and sometimes makeup (not usually though). I would style the models and my friend who also worked with the same agency would take the photos! I loved it! I am also so lucky to have grown up in a city, with so much to offer me! (even though sometimes I still think it is too small, you know how it is 🙂 )

I really want to write things I am passionate about but are also relatable to you! I want you to be comfortable and feel at home when you are on my blog because this blog is OURS! I will talk a lot about Fashion, food (that is a given, let’s be real), beauty, travel, and my thoughts (being love, poetry, or seriously anything). I guess you could categorize me as a Lifestyle blogger!

I hope you love it here! 🙂


Grace Genevieve.