Cozy Fall Room Decor

5 Easy Ways to Make your Room Feel Cozier.

Hellooo Fall!

As cooler weather comes to the front, we start to prepare ourselves for fall and the future tundra that is the Midwest and Northeast. We get ready for the cold, by drinking plenty of pumpkin spice lattes and taking out that stack of sweaters from the closet.

However, besides the cold factor, Fall is one of the greatest and most beautiful seasons. What makes it even sweeter than the candy on Halloween, is the decorations and the preparation of a cozy retreat from the cold and wind. 

Here is what I do to change up my room/ dorm room to make it cozier for the fall weather:

1. Plenty of throw blankets

This is a necessity for the fall weather and winter snow right around the corner. I love the tie blankets that you can make, using 2 pieces of fleece you cut the edges and then tye the two ends together.

I love them because they are soft and heavy, it almost feels like a weighted blanket. You could also get a heated blanket, which provides ample heat! I also love Vera Bradly blankets they are so so soft and warm! 

2.  White String Christmas Lights

I literally love these! They are not just for Christmas, they should be for year round. Lights can change the mood of a room in a snap. Plus you can get them anywhere, Target, HyVee, or Walmart! They make it just so cozy and I love the vibes I get from them. Lights just radiate fall 🙂

For dorm rooms, use command hooks to hang the lights! For a regular room, I use push tacks and just push them into the ceiling. 

3. Fall Inspired Candles or Air Fresheners

Yankee Candles are just the perfect addition to the house, filling the house with the smell of apple cinnamon or falling leaves (whatever that smells like lol). However, if you are in a dorm like I am, I would recommend a plugin air freshener! Airwick has amazing ones for fall limited edition! I have the Warm Apple Crumble scent. Plus the best thing about the plugin is that you can control how much comes out so it is not too overwhelming, especially in such a small space, like a dorm room.

4. Soft Throw Pillows

Ditch those sequined pillows and opt-in for a soft cozy body pillow! This is next to the lights, as in it can totally change the mood and feel of the room. Pillows can make a place oh, so cozy! Where you can just sink into a sea of pillows 🙂

5. Add Mason Jars

Okay, I know this sounds super lame, but hang in there with me. Switching out a pencil holder on your desk to a mason jar with a little twine bow around it! Switch out your utensil holder with a bigger mason jar! So FALL! 

Anyway, Thanks for reading and supporting my blog!


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