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Major Fall Fashion Trends 2018

Fall is right around the corner and summer is sadly coming to a close. . . However, we want to stay on top of the INs for this fall. These trends were seen all over the runway for the fall season!

*disclaimer* fashion  is whatever you make it and whatever you want it to be! It is your expression, so embrace it and you do not need to use these guidelines for yourself unless you want too! Also the pictures are not my own!*

Scarves, Scarves and Scarves!

When you think of these scarves, think of a patch work dress, scarves in the hair, and around bags. 

Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2018
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Bringing Back the Disco

Shoulder pads in blazers, short dresses, neons, and animal prints! Oh My! 

Tom Ford Fall 2018

Safety First

Think unitarian and camouflage mixed with Ponchos, coats with reflective properties, and big puffer coats. 

Off- White Fall 2018

The Great Wild West

Bringing back the fringe and fur!

Isabel Marant Fall 2018

The Statement Coat

Doesn’t matter if it is real or fake, but we have seen countless designers bring fur or fo-fur into their fall lines. This brings an element of elegance and a statement piece for their work. 

Givenchy RTW Fall 2018
Giorgio Armani Mens Fall 2018

Normal Clothes?

The appeal to create clothes people can actually wear. We see blazers, neutrals, pops of color. We see this in lines such as Chloé, Valentino, Victoria Beckham, and Alexander McQueen. 

Valentino Mens Fall 2018
Chloé Fall 2018
Chloé RTW Fall 2018

Here are to trends for this fall! If you guys want me to recreate the looks with more normal clothing where we could find anywhere! 


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