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I scents something is about to happen. . .

Hello my fellow makeup Lovers,

Today I thought I would share with you guys my favorite perfumes EVER!

I understand that is not very long since I’m only 19, oh well I’ll have more to add to the list later!


  1. My all time favorite is Tommy Girl  by Tommy Hilfiger, I started wearing this in seventh grade and it is still the  scent that I fall in love with every time I smell it. Another great thing about it, is that IT ACTUALLY STAYS ON! I can not tell you how many perfumes I have that wear off before I even get in the car.
  2. Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift is so lovely and unique, I can definitely distinguish it from others. I also think this one stays on for a long time, I like how it comes in lotion too.
  3. Beautiful Day by Bath and Body Works is another great one, it has such a sweet scent, and now thinking about it, it smells like apples. I don’t particularly like fruity scents they always tend to give me headaches. This one however was just perfect and it stayed on good too!
  4. Poppy by Coach, again here is another one of my all time favorites. I got this one for my eighth grade graduation, exciting, oh I know! It was a perfect gift. I honestly can say it is tied with Wonderstruck for second.
  5. Couture La la by Juicy Couture is a good one, but I am terribly disappointed about this perfume. The perfume last about from the time you put it one till you leave your room. After that its like you have just a slight trace of it on your clothes, the lotion I got and it works a lot better.. like a LOT!
  6. Love and Sunshine by Bath and Body Works, you have to try this perfume, it is so interesting but I would definitely buy this one again and again and again. It just draws you in and I love it!! It stays on really well too!!
  7. Victoria Secret Bombshell Paris  by Victoria Secret, You guys can we take a moment to appreciate this perfume! I got it after the show this year and I fell absolutely in love with it! It is the perfect scent for everyday, and I have gotten so many compliments from it! Totally go buy it, it is awesome!!


  1. Eucalyptus Spearmint Hand Lotion Hello finals week!! This is great with studying and/or if you have something going on or stressing you out. It smells so good! It is not too overpowering which is nice, but then again I love Eucalyptus so much.
  2. Twilight Woods by Bath and Body Works, this scent is so subtle but yet it packs a nice punch.

Alright so those are some of my favorite perfumes! If you have some favorite scents that you want me to try let me know in the comments!!

Also comment what your favorite perfume is.




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