Summer Sun: Simply Genevieve

Why I love the Summer Sun.

Do you daydream about drinking mango and strawberry smoothies on the beach, while the sun is out and it is above 80 degrees ( my perfect weather basically being anything above 75-90 degrees 🙂 ).

I know I do!

While growing up in this frozen tundra, or more commonly known as the Midwest, I have gotten to to appreciate the 5 months (if we are lucky) of nice weather (AKA above 75!)  🙂

When I think of summer I think of:

  • Long drives with the music loud and all the windows open
  • The sun shining on all the treetops
  • Setting up a hammock and taking a nap or reading a book (more likely taking a nap)
  • Being able to wear cute clothes and not have to cover them with a huge obnoxious coat
  • The Beach
  • Late nights with my friends causing shenanigans
  • Simple natural makeup
  • Sundays with Natalie
  • Lighter hair
  • Tan (or in my case Sunburn lol)
  • Fruity Drinks
  • Flowers
  • Spending time with my love
  • Walking my dog
  • Exploring the city-coffee shops and walking around Lake Calhoun
  • Thrifting!!
  • Swimsuits!!
  • Star Gazing

These are things that I love to do, or what I think about to get me through the winter months and the unending snow.

Let me know in the Comments what you want to see more of on Simply G. I really want to make content that people want to read about!

Until next time..

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