Simply Genevieve: Top 10 Favorite Makeup Products

My Top 10 Favorite Beauty Products: High-End

“Love yourself and everything else falls into Line”

When I was younger, I always thought ‘who would spend $40 on makeup!?’ little did that lip smacker wearing girl know that she would be one of many women that willingly hand out all their cash for new makeup, which is awesome!

However, as I grew up I needed better products that wouldn’t break me out! Even though I don’t have the money or budget for this hobby of trying all the ‘New’ makeup (lol shout out to college tuition, for sucking up all my money✌🏻Live love college . . . )

Anyway, Moving on. . . Here are my tried and favorite Products : Expensive products!

  • Too Faced Born this Way Foundation $39 All the rave reviews about how awesome this foundation. The reviews were right! This foundation is honestly out of this world. It gives so much hydration and is buildable, but looks so natural! Would Highly recommend!! I am in the Color Snow.

Top 10 Expensive: Simply Genevieve

  • Anastasia Brow powder $23 This brow powder is awesome, with this as a filler in the for the brow gel that I use. The Brow gel than this brow powder then gel again.

Top 10 Expensive: Simply Genevieve

  • Lancome Brow Gel $26.50 I use this before and after the powder. I also love using this on days I want a more natural look! It is just super easy to quick put on! GO TO ALWAYS FOR BROWS!!

Top 10 Expensive: Simply Genevieve

  • Lancome Lash Primer $25.50 After I got my Lash Extensions off ( Click there for the Story) it was hard to get my lashes to look thicker and hold the curl, because I was so used to having my fake lashes. This product is absolutely worth the money and is amazing! It makes your lashes so much long and thicker. It also holds the curl!!

Top 10 Expensive: Simply Genevieve

  • Anastasia Contour Palette $40 Best Contour palette! The different ranges of the bronze colors help transform the look for what you want! My favorite in the palette is the color Fawn, I think it is the middle one in the light palette. You can also buy the single pots all the powders on! 

Top 10 Expensive: Simply Genevieve

  • Urban Decay NAKED Concealer $29 This product is amazing! I think that leaving this on for a couple of minutes after you apply it, it spreads and blends easier!! Love Love Love. I’ll be honest, I was not crazy about it until I tried leaving it on for a little longer, and it. blended out perfect!

Top 10 Expensive: SImply Genevieve

  • Too Faced Hangover Primer $32 This is the best primer for dry skin! It has coconut water and rose and it is so refreshing! Awesome, hands down best! The long winters take their toll on my skin and this just seamlessly helps my skin accept the makeup. I hate having those dry spots where my makeup cakes up and it looks flakey! This took care of that for me, and I am forever grateful 🙂


Top 10 Expensive: Simply Genevieve

  • Bare Minerals Tinted Gel $30 This is a great tinted Gel! I think they do need more colors in this product, because it is hard to color match, but when you find it, it’s amazing! It is super natural and has great coverage for a tinted Gel! It also has SPF which is so important! However, make sure to set this because of how much hydration it gives you can look a little oily

Top 10 Expensive: Simply Genevieve

  • Too Faced Setting Powder $33 This I think is better than Laura Mercier setting powder! It has no flash back and it amazing for baking. I think this product so underrated, and it should be just as popular as Laura Mercier!

Top 10 Expensive: Simply Genevieve


  • Bare Minerals Matte LipStick $19 Best Matte Lipstick! Hands Down!! It is not so drying, but it provides amazing color. I am a huge matte fan, and this is always my go too!

Top 10 Expensive: Simply Genevieve

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