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    Curation Post #7

    Welcome potheads, I hope you all had a great week! Let’s jump into the posts I found most intriguing this week. “The Benefits of Wheatgrass and Why You Should Grow It This Winter,” Readynutrition.com I have heard of Wheatgrass before, but this article gave me more information and perspective on it. I also loved how it was focusing on the winter months because whether or not, winter is coming. Wheatgrass has a multitude of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, C, E, as well as, Iron, Magnesium and amino acids. The amino acids found in Wheatgrass, some of them your body doesn’t create, so you can only get them through…

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    Curation Post #6

    Welcome back, Tree Huggers! This week has had intriguing articles in circulation. As a reminder, any change that you make in your life to be more sustainable can make a difference! Let’s get into it. “Climate Politics/Capitol Light (37),” Resilience.org. I found this article super insightful for current events happening with politics and sustainability. It talks about Trump starting the paperwork to get out of the Paris Climate Accord, and how even though the Accord hadn’t accomplished much, it is the symbol of the United States dropping out of it. It sends the wrong message to the world. We need to be fighting for mother nature as climate change rages against…

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    Curation Post #5

    Welcome to week 5 of Sustainability! There were some great articles this week, so let’s get into it! “Aluminum bottles are not ‘The Greenest Bottle,'” Tree Hugger. Most people think a switch from plastic products to aluminum is the best choice. However, aluminum is not the “more sustainable” option. Aluminum is still a single-use environment damaging containers. Refillable glass bottles are the greenest container you can get, while only half of the aluminum packaging is recycled. When aluminum interest increases, so do the production, which has a vast environmental footprint. There is also mining and smelting involved, which smelting releases CO2 as a byproduct; this makes virgin aluminum a critical issue.…

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    Curation Post #4

    Welcome back! This week there was a ton of material to pick from. I am so excited to share it all with you. I think something to keep in mind is that anything you do to help the planet stay green is a step in the right direction. With that positive note, let’s get into this week’s sustainability finds! “A Guide to Sustainable Packaging Label,” Tree Hugger. I found this article super helpful; it describes all the different niches of the plastic industry. It also gave in-depth detail on each sub-type of plastic, which helped to get a better view of what things use this specific type and what to…

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    Let’s Get Sustainable! Week 3

    Welcome to week 3! I am so excited that you are here! Let’s get into it! “One thing you can do: Talk to Your Children about Climate Change.” The New York Times: Climate Fwd: newsletter. “You’ll die of old age, While I will die of Climate Change.” “This is not what I meant when I said Hot Girl Summer.” “Don’t Be a Fossil Fool.” These are just some of the signs that were seen all over the world. Last month, millions gathered to rally against Climate Change. Everyone, no matter what political background, is concerned about the future of the earth. According to the article, “seven out of ten teenagers…

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    Let’s Get Sustainable! Week 2

    Welcome back! I hope your week was filled with great ideas and kindness. Sustainability and climate change was in the news a lot this week, so let us dive in and explore the niches of what the media outlets had to offer. “How to Be a More Conscious Consumer, Even If You’re on a Budget;” The New York Times “How to Be a More Conscious Consumer, Even If You’re on a Budget,” written by The New York Times, was the first article I stumbled upon. My favorite aspect of this article is how it clarifies that our dollars are our voice. This means, what items or companies we choose to buy…

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    Composting 101

    Welcome to my first curated post. During these newsletters, I will be giving out great blogs I have read related to topics under the umbrella of sustainability. I think we are at a point, where we all need to start making changes in how and what we consume in our daily lives. College students are broke, stressed, but we have the most significant impact on what the future will look like. Every post will have a college student in mind. That being said, let’s jump right into my first topic I’m going to cover. Composting is a great way to recycle your kitchen and yard waste. If you are a…

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    Back on the Trail

    This is my favorite trip my mom and I take every summer, but this time Ian was able to tag along! Which made it even more special to share this place that I hold so close to my heart with him.  Here is to that trip!

  • Mexico Trip Look book

    Mexico Trip

    Well this is long over due. My trip to Mexico was in August and I am getting to this post in January of 2019… better late than never right? Since pictures are worth a thousand words I felt like it was fitting to do a gallery/ Look book situation for this post! It seems to do that a lot. Here is a photo array of my trip to Cancun, Mexico!